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end of the road

end of the road In the past eleven months, two of my closest friendships have come to an end – separately, seemingly suddenly, seemingly unfairly. This has involved considerable pain, has left a significant void and been greatly compounded by the pandemic.  No matter how full of laughter and idiocy they may be, when it Read More

diagnosis: chronic neoliberalism

diagnosis: chronic neoliberalism Yes, my inner rant about the negative effects of the form of capitalism we’re being held hostage by is still on high simmer but, again, my brain capacity is still radically reduced just in time for the weekend. Before Monday, however, I have to rustle up sufficient cognitive function to do the Read More

capitalist gains tax

capitalist gains tax   I just saw this on a friend’s Facebook page; it made me laugh out loud before an inner rant ensued about its disturbing deeper meaning… Oh yes, there is so much I have to say in response to this, yet I have so little energy to right now. I’m already exhausted Read More

i go among trees

i go among trees by Wendell Berry from Sabbaths       I go among trees and sit still. All my stirring becomes quietaround me like circles on water.My tasks lie in their placeswhere I left them, asleep like cattle. Then what is afraid of me comesand lives a while in my sight.What it fears in Read More


patience This quote – about having patience – feels particularly apt in view of how I’m feeling today. Given that my 21 month long career-shift job search recently came to an end, perhaps this sounds strange. But there are other things I hope for and now I’ve ticked this huge ‘to do’ off my list, Read More

on being a complete Muppet

on being a complete Muppet   In the lead-up to and since my 50th birthday this summer, I’ve been taking strolls down Memory Lane. This has included listening to songs that remind me of earlier times in my life. As a little person in the 70s, I grew up loving the Muppet Show. Hearing its theme Read More

pandemic as portal

pandemic as portal   ‘What is this thing that has happened to us? It’s a virus, yes. In and of itself it holds no moral brief. But it is definitely more than a virus. Some believe it’s God’s way of bringing us to our senses. Others that it’s a Chinese conspiracy to take over the Read More

in a dark time

in a dark time   For various reasons, I’ve been unable to finish any more of the writings I’ve been working on.  This poem seemed a particularly fitting – and superior – substitute. To me, it captures the sense of a potentially creative space that we, humankind, find ourselves in and that we might refind Read More

the day my voice broke

the day my voice broke (2008) i told her i knew it was over. i went home; a place i shared with a lover i did not love. i sang to remain, but my throat declared its pain. released, eased, my heart unblocked; unlocked, I became a woman.       © 2020 Shyama Persaud Read More

a dream life

a dream life Below is my all-time favourite quote. I love quotes. I really do. So much so that I created a ‘quotabase’ ten years ago containing around 150 morsels of wordy deliciousness. I rediscovered it recently and have a mind to try and add to it as many of those I’ve discovered since; a Read More

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