Image shows Joy in People (2012) by Jeremy Deller and work by Aileen Harvey [background].


Hello. My name is Shyama (rhyming with ‘llama’).

Being a sociable hermit, when I’m not busy chatting, I like to spend time alone exploring what lies beneath the surface of life, in order to try and glimpse its inherent interconnectedness and wisdom or magic.

This is a space for me to share and learn as I continue my quest to uncover magic from inner and outer travel through everyday living and through my passions, of which there are many. (I’m a passionate woman).

Key ones are:  Yoga as a spiritual practice; compassionate forms of creativity as a means by which to build bridges and foster greater understanding; psychosocial research – learning how to listen to and interpret the dialogue between inner subjective experience and the outer social world, including the voice of the unconscious, learning how to communicate these crucial yet overlooked conversations to an often sceptical audience and drawing from my own lived experience as much as from the theory, in order to attain the deepest possible level of understanding; social equality & cultural diversity – savouring relationships with those from different sociocultural backgrounds, working with others to try and enable those with the fewest opportunities to have more and growing through both; nature  inside & outside – I co-habit with around 50 houseplants. I’ve also started an exciting new relationship with the vibrant field of ESOL teaching (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and this has been busy making friends with my other passions, opening up possibilities I could never have imagined.

The aim of all this journeying is to do the best I can in order to contribute the most I can. Whilst here, on this shared home of ours, I’m committed to trying to shine a light on those who aren’t seen and give voice to those who aren’t heard. I guess you’d call it a passion. And I guess it’s about love. But it’s also a long, steep path echoing a similarly shaped learning curve. I fail frequently, try constantly; consequently, humour and humility have become close companions.

Welcome to my internet home. Sadly, I can’t serve real tea and biscuits, but you’ll find an, I hope, equivalent in the form of titles and website links to some of my personal sources of learning, inspiration….and magic.  

Happy reading!

Warmest wishes



End March 2020 – The creation of this space has coincided with the global COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis that’s dominating humankind; the UK, along with most countries, is currently in lockdown. It’s clear this will exert its impact for many years to come. I, like everyone, am trying to make sense of it and am conscious it will take a long time to process. I hope to chart this journey we’re all on through my writing and art practice.




It is my sincere intent to work towards ensuring that my websites are configured to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, either through form or content, technology or linguistics.  This is another steep learning curve that will take time to fully achieve but, until then, it is a key priority I’m conscious I cannot do without the support and guidance of others.