Month: April 2020

pandemic as portal

pandemic as portal   ‘What is this thing that has happened to us? It’s a virus, yes. In and of itself it holds no moral brief. But it is definitely more than a virus. Some believe it’s God’s way of bringing us to our senses. Others that it’s a Chinese conspiracy to take over the Read More

in a dark time

in a dark time   For various reasons, I’ve been unable to finish any more of the writings I’ve been working on.  This poem seemed a particularly fitting – and superior – substitute. To me, it captures the sense of a potentially creative space that we, humankind, find ourselves in and that we might refind Read More

the day my voice broke

the day my voice broke (2008) i told her i knew it was over. i went home; a place i shared with a lover i did not love. i sang to remain, but my throat declared its pain. released, eased, my heart unblocked; unlocked, I became a woman.       © 2020 Shyama Persaud Read More

a dream life

a dream life Below is my all-time favourite quote. I love quotes. I really do. So much so that I created a ‘quotabase’ ten years ago containing around 150 morsels of wordy deliciousness. I rediscovered it recently and have a mind to try and add to it as many of those I’ve discovered since then; Read More

burn, baby, burn

burn, baby, burn I’ve just finished watching Birmingham Royal Ballet – Home from Home on BBC iPlayer, part of a BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine showcase. My jaw muscles got a good workout from stuffing my face with stir fried rice whilst witnessing 20+ professional dancers take part in one of their daily online classes Read More

so not bored was I

so not bored was i I love this song but also the roughly hewn quality of the video with its endearingly wonky performance… He looks like a busy university lecturer who’s just returned from popping outside for a post-lunch fag to squeeze in a quick jamming sesh with his technician housemate in the Faculty Read More

dreams of a chewing gum balloon

dreams of a chewing gum balloon “We never listened to my mother and always insisted on swallowing the chewing gum thinking that it might, one day, become a balloon that would transfer us to God.”Yousif M. Qasmiyeh   Yousif is a poet, Arabic translator and academic. He was born and raised in a refugee camp. Read More